valentine's day 2020 events
valentine's day 2020 events

10 Valentine’s Day Facts From Around the World

Valentine’s Day Facts From Around the World

Our Valentine’s Day kiss-and-tell exposes some fascinating facts about the annual love fest and how Feb. 14 is observed around the world.


Medieval romantic couple

The murky origins of Valentine’s Day

In spite of the fact that Valentine’s Day is believed to be named after a Christian holy person, there’s nothing remotely strict about this day put in a safe spot for affection and sweethearts. There are references connecting Valentine’s Day to romance in the Middle Ages, yet it wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that the British started sending paper Valentine cards to each other. Americans received the custom and went for it, transforming February fourteenth into a mass-advertiser’s fantasy day of chocolate, cards, blossoms, and, in case we overlook, love. Today Valentine’s Day is springing up in heaps of spots. As a matter of fact, in nations where it’s an ongoing import, it’s predominantly celebrated by more youthful individuals.

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Saudi Arabia skyline at night

Not everyone’s a fan

A lot of individuals abhor February fourteenth, among them single, separated or out and out discouraged people who experience the ill effects of what’s been named “the Valentine’s Day Blues.” Others are put off by the over-advertised showcasing. Somewhere else, it’s been condemned as excessively western, excessively Christian or excessively unethical. In 2008, Saudi Arabia prohibited the offer of red roses and other Valentine’s Day things, since it’s a western occasion named after a Christian holy person. Malaysian strict specialists captured in excess of 100 Muslim couples for observing Valentine’s Day in 2011, and Iran restricted the printing of Valentine’s Day related materials.

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Cupid statue

How did Cupid come to be?

How did a stout, stripped child with wings, a bow and a bolt come to symbolize sentiment? Meet Cupid, off-spring of the Roman god Venus. Named after the Latin word for “want” (cupido), legend has it that the tubby angel can make an injured individual begin to look all starry eyed at simply by shooting a brilliant bolt into their heart.

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Rose garden

Valentine’s Day in France

Valentine’s Day in France

Paris might be the world’s most sentimental city, yet the French towns of Saint Valentin and Roquemaure are contending hard. Consistently, toward the end of the week nearest to Feb. 14, Saint Valentin offers sweethearts the opportunity to wed in a rose-shrouded nursery and pin love notes on the Tree of Vows. Roquemaure’s Lovers’ Festival flaunts nineteenth century outfits and music.

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Japanese passersby on Tokyo street

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day in Japan

As a result of an alleged mistake in early Valentine’s Day sweet advertisements in Japan, ladies thought they should give men treat—rather than the a different way. Treat producers named March fourteenth as an “answer day” called “White Day” and encouraged men to offer chocolates to the ladies. It worked. The exclusively got on. Nowadays, Japanese chocolate organizations make 50 percent of their yearly deals over Valentine’s Day.

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Bangrak district of Bangkok, Thailand

Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Lovebirds rush to Bangkok’s Bangrak area, Thailand’s “Town of Love” to be hitched on Valentine’s Day. They accept the apropos named town will guarantee them a dependable marriage, and they start arranging outside the Bangrak region office very early on.

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Romeo and Juliet balcony

Valentine’s Day in Italy

Valentine’s Day in Italy

Every year, the city of Verona gets around 1,000 letters routed to Juliet on Valentine’s Day. Verona is the place Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived.

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Sydney, Australia

Valentine’s Day in Australia

Valentine’s Day in Australia

An Australian family arranging association observes National Condom Day on February 14, urging sweethearts to “state it with blossoms, do it with condoms.”

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Man giving woman Valentine's Day gift

Valentine’s Day in the United States

Valentine’s Day in the United States

One 2015 examination claims 53 percent of ladies in America would dump their sweetheart in the event that they didn’t make them anything for Valentine’s Day. Another US study found that three percent of men have considered cutting off an association as opposed to confront the errand of picking a “great” present for their accomplice. Pets then again, make out like desperados: every year, Americans spend the greater part a billion dollars on Valentine’s Day presents for their hide babies.

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The blue city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Valentine’s Day in India

In 2009, individuals from a Hindu fundamentalist gathering named The Sri Ram Sene assaulted ladies in a bar in Mangalore, and their pioneer Pramod Muthalik declared he’d manage anyone observing Valentine’s Day. A gathering of young ladies chose to retaliate by asking ladies everywhere throughout the nation to mail the association pink undies. It got thousands via the post office; in excess of 3,000 ladies took an interest int he crusade. It appears to have worked. Festivities for as far back as quite a while have been less hazardous.

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