What are those Best Video Editing Software (Free and Paid)

Finding the best video editing software for free or at the superbly affordable price is the first core aspect of any video marketer, producer, YouTuber, or entrepreneur dealing in the video industry.

Video content is the best and most effective content type in the world. Undoubtedly, videos are creating a direct impact on brand building, lead generation, conversions, and responsible for great ROI for any business.

Video content increases the recall value of the audience by 80% and change the mind of consumers.

Types of Video Content are:

  • Video Blog Posts (Vlogs)
  • Video Interviews/Presentations
  • Tutorial videos
  • Product Reviews and Demos(such as Automobile reviews)
  • Video Testimonials(to gain trust and popularity)
  • Recordings and Live Streaming
  • Video Ads


That is why, we should say thanks to mobile devices and technology including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, and more, which makes it deliverable and consumable to the viewers.

But, in a highly competitive age, where everyone is producing video content, you can not succeed with the normal or okay type of videos. If your focus is on 100% quality over quantity and you are able to produce high-quality content around your niche with consistency, only then you can create a competitive edge and high chances to get the maximum viewers and engagement rate.

No matter how great your content script is, no matter how amazing your presentation on Camera is, and even no matter with which you have shot your videos either it is a high-resolution camera or iPhone. Creating great content, theme and high-resolution shooting is winning a half battle.

What matters the most is- how amazing you edit and finalize with the appealing effects that can bring the WOW factor to your audience is the key to success in Video Content Marketing.

Therefore, to become a successful YouTuber or video marketer, you must be aware of the superb quality best video editing tool. Which are affordable and usable on windows, MacBooks, or any mobile device.

I am pretty sure, some of you are into 3-D rendering or motion graphics or any other kind of animated video. On the other hand, some of you are looking for the best video editing software either in mobile devices or laptop/Macbook for your own video.


Here’s the list of 10 Best Video Editing Software in 2020

So, we have listed the bifurcated arrangement of 10 video editing software which provides free trial & best in usage in 2020. As we believe, any tool can not suit and fulfill all types of requirements.

You need not worry. We have already done all the research, where you can easily filter the most appropriate platform for yourself.

Before guiding you about buying your favorite software or tools, we will tell you all the aspects such as it’s a feature, pricing, functions, pros, and cons. Where you will never regret your decision and you can have the best value for money.

The list of best video editing software contains both free and paid as per your budget and requirements. So, do not pull your hair or stress out. All the video editing software and tools are amazingly powerful with tons of features at a superb affordable cost and even for free.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro:

If you are looking for editing software for film, TV, and the web, then Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software. The power of Adobe Sensei has the capability to save your time by integrating with other apps and tools that helps you craft raw footage into polished videos and films. The best part is, You can edit footage in ANY FORMAT (from 8k to virtual reality), ANY CAMERA (normal mobile shot to professional), and ANY PLATFORM. Also, Native file support, lightweight proxy workflows, and faster ProRes HDR let you work the way you want with your media, even on mobile workstations.

Source: Adobe

The Adobe Premiere Pro editor has a clean and familiar interface. Adobe Premiere Pro works seamlessly and smoothly with other apps and services (including Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Stock). It Opens a Motion Graphics template from After Effects, customizes one from Adobe Stock and integrates with hundreds of third-party extensions. You can extend your editing platform across all devices as Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a new all-in-one app i.e. Premiere Rush. Lumetri Color Tool is incredible of Premiere Pro’s tools that offer and allows color adjustment and manipulation. Adobe Premiere Pro releases new features from time to time, Premiere Pro rolls out updates to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the software.


Features of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Automatically reformat your videos whether it’s square, vertical, 16:9 or in 4K resolution
  • Great curve adjustments: With Lumetri Color tools, each curve has two axes with paired values, making selective color grading easy and accurate
  • Easy acceleration of audio mixing. It allows you to extract background noise and reverb with new sliders in the Essential Sound panel
  • Easy integration with all the apps and tools and share stories in VR 180
  • Keyboard shortcuts according to your preference and ease of usability to add specific marker colors
  • Production panel to provide a flexible, scalable framework for organizing multi-project workflows. It has capabilities of Project Locking, cross-project referencing, and shared project settings.


Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS (Best for Windows)

Supported Input Formats:  MP4, MPEG, MPE, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), M2V (DVD-compliant MPEG-2), MTS (avchd), MOV, FLV, AVI

Supported Output Formats: H.264: AAC, 3GP, MP4, M4V, HEVC (H.265), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, among others

Pricing: $19.99/month