How to Start Pet Care Business

Guides: How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020

The trend, forecast, opportunities, and analysis of India Pet Care Market shows, from 2011-2016 this industry has grown with a compound annual growth rate of 26.21% and is continuously growing with a CAGR of over 17% during 2016-21. In this business blog, we are guiding on “How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020” in detail. The advantage and flaws will also be explained.

According to the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF), in  India, the population of pet has grown from 7 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2011. If we take the average of the data, then 600,000 pets are adopted every year in India only. USA and Canada is leading in the Pet Care Industry globally. So, the opportunity and scope is enormous, and a lot can be harvested by getting in this industry.


How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020
How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020

  1. Target Your Market &Establishing a Niche

First of all, do market research, make a list of your rivalries. Also, make a checklist of different types of breeds, pets and the kind of society. Your preferred pets and target market can be dog, tortoise, guinea pig, parrot, birds, fish or rabbits. It may vary from a particular brand to be readily available at one place.

The target age could be from 35-65 consist of men and women both. There standard of living must be high, and their surrounding should be in the metropolitan area. Our market segment customers will lead a lifestyle in which their canines play a large part, and these pets are often seen as “children” by their owners.

  1. Make a Business Plan

  • Define the purpose and potential of your company by setting up a benchmark
  • Sketch your experience, passion or past-present pet care experience
  • Question to yourself
  • How passionate or pet lover you are?
  • Do you care for pets?
  • Have you been ever associated with a pet rescue team or served animals?
  • What types of pets do you love the most?
  • Are you trained in pet first aid & CPR?
  • Do you possess any other relevant training in pet care, pet behavior or pet health?
  • Are there pet professionals. For example; a veterinarian, groomer, etc., who can provide references as to the good care you give your own pet(s)?
  • Make a checklist of your services; you can provide
  • Research the competition and that particular pet or breed
  • Sources of total operational and functional cost
How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020
Love and Care Towards Pet


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  1. Location and Layout

Metropolitan city, Porsche area (Your own house, Pet Owners House, or any particular land or house), depending on your business size and investment.



  1. Required Investment in Pet Care Business

Generally, it varies from INR 5 lakhs to 50 Lakhs to start a full-time Pet Care business. The overall facility layout, equipment, modifications may range from $ 10,000 to $50,000. The average cost of a commercial lease for pet daycare is from $2,000-$8,00/month; depend on your location, size of the layout, and other parts.

For greater reach and to build your professional network, you can take the membership of the “National Association of Professional Pet Sitters”(NAPPS) and Pet Sitters International(PSI). The annual groups of both the professional networks are $135 and $140 respectively. In this business blog, we are guiding on “How to Start Pet Care Business in 2020” in detail.


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Insurance Cost: The insurance cost of a pet depends on breed and other factors. If we take the insurance cost of Dog, then it the sum assured for pet insurance products ranges from Rs. INR (15,000 to 30,000).

Professional Website will cost you from $10-$50

  1. Purchase All

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