Iko Uwais Net Worth, Age and House

Iko Uwais Net Worth


Net Worth:$4 Million
Born:February 12, 1983
Country of Origin:Indonesia
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:2020


Iko Uwais is an Indonesian on-screen character, double, battle choreographer, and military craftsman from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Uwais is most popular for featuring in the activity films ‘Merantau’, ‘The Raid’, ‘The Raid 2’, ‘Headshot’, ‘Mile 22′, and The Night Comes for Us’, ‘Stuber’.

Starting at 2020, Iko Uwais’ net worth is evaluated to be $4 Million dollars.

Early Life

Iko Uwais was conceived on the twelfth of February, 1983, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is the child of Maisyaroh and Mustapha Kamaluddin.

His granddad, H. Achmad Bunawar, was a silat expert and set up a silat school.


In 2007, Uwais was found by chief Gareth Evans, who was shooting a narrative about silat in Uwais’ preparation lobby. Uwais’ normal mystique and extraordinary camera nearness urged Evans to give him a role as the main job for his first military craftsmanship film, ‘Merantau’.

In his first acting inclusion with Merantau, Uwais accepted the activity of a young Minang (West-Sumatran), which drove him to pick up capability with the Minang style of silat harimau (tiger style) from Ace Edwel Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam. Merantau was released in Indonesia on 6 August 2009.which drove him to become familiar with the Minang style of silat harimau (tiger style) from Master Edwel Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam. Merantau was discharged in Indonesia on 6 August 2009.

Uwais’ second coordinated effort with Gareth Evans was ‘The Raid’, which started shooting in mid-March 2011 and was discharged in mid-2012.

He cooperated on a third film with Evans, ‘The Raid 2’. Uwais likewise showed up quickly in Star Wars: ‘The Raid 2’. Uwais likewise showed up quickly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, nearby The Raid 2 co-star Yayan Ruhian. In 2016, he showed up in the hand to hand fighting film ‘Headshot’, which got commonly positive audits.

In 2019, Uwais included in the movement spoof film ‘Stuber’ close by Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista.

Beginning at 2020, Iko Uwais’ complete resources is $4 Million dollars.


Here are the absolute best features of Iko Uwais’ profession:

  • Mile 22 (Movie, 2018)
  • Stuber (Movie, 2019)


Most loved Quotes from Iko Uwais

“It’s complimenting, you know. To have the option to work with such capable and huge names on this venture resembles a fantasy materialize for me. That is to say, the entirety of this had never been an aspiration for me, so it’s past my expectation.” –Iko Uwais

“Indeed (Laughs)… He called me at 4 AM in Jakarta saying he needed to carry me to Los Angeles to discuss an undertaking called Mile 22. Also, I quickly said yes! He revealed to me that he saw me in The Raid; that he preferred what he saw, and that he needed to make something with me. Which was a commendation, considering Peter Berg isn’t your typical hand to hand fighting movie director.” –Iko Uwais

“It was a lowering encounter. Truly, I was somewhat awed when I initially met Mark. However, he was an interesting person and really simple to work with. What’s more, that person can do anything. He can battle, he acts flawlessly, and he works hard.” –Iko Uwais

“My first involvement in Ronda was watching her on a TV screen, seeing her battle in the MMA. She appeared to be an extreme and alarming individual each time I would watch her. Be that as it may, amazingly, she was well disposed and humble when I met her in person.” –Iko Uwais

“Perhaps the best thing about working with Pete is that he confided in me and gave me the opportunity to do my own battle movement. We would talk about what he needed to accomplish in a specific battle scene.” –Iko Uwais

3 Lessons from Iko Uwais

Since you thoroughly understand Iko Uwais net worth, and how he made progress; how about we investigate a portion of the exercises we can gain from him:

1. Assume Liability

Acknowledge obligation regarding your life. Realize that it is you who will get you where you need to go, nobody else.

2. Be You. Try not to Change

Life’s preliminaries will test you and shape you, yet don’t let them change what your identity is.

3. Happiness Or Disappointments

We are upbeat when individuals/things accommodate and troubled when they don’t. Individuals and occasions don’t baffle us, our models of reality do. It is our model of reality that decides our joy or frustrations.


Iko Uwais is an Indonesian entertainer who has featured in films, for example, ‘Merantau’, ‘The Raid’, ‘Man of Tai Chi’, ‘The Raid 2: Berandal’, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, and ‘Headshot’.

Starting at 2020, Iko Uwais’ net worth is generally $4 Million dollars.

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