Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks

Most Expensive Trucks in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks, Most Expensive Pickups

Trucks transport hundreds of tons daily, so they need the best motors to convey the heaviest loads even on the longest excursions. Advances in innovation have made it conceivable today to have staggering, huge, non-dirtying trucks with lavish and agreeable insides, in spite of being substantial vehicles. In any case, true to form, these attributes are found generally in the most expensive trucks available; in this way, here you will discover a rundown of the 10 most expensive trucks on the planet for their individual models discharged in the year 2019.

10. Volvo FH16 Classic

Price tag:Around $100,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Volvo FH16 Classic

“A delight on a superficial level, a mammoth in the engine”. The Volvo FH16 Classic is one of the most expensive trucks yet in addition one of the pioneers in the European market. It has an amazing 750 hp motor, perfect for long stretch excursions; it likewise has huge burden limits going from 44-120 tons, just as broad insides and propelled driver help capacities. It’s without a doubt a perfect truck for substantial development and mining that has been created for the most requesting missions.


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9. Man TGX D38

Price Tag: Around $100,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Man TGX D38 

“Proficiency meets execution”, the following truck on this rundown of 10 most expensive trucks is the Man TGX D38. With its new inventive structure and amazing 640 hp motor, this is likewise one of the favored trucks in the European market. Like the recently referenced Volvo, the Man TGX D38 is a truck appropriate for long excursions and unpredictable geology. Be that as it may, it additionally has various models relying upon the landscape on which it will work: timberland or street. In any case, what truly makes it one of the most expensive trucks is that its lodge is one of the biggest in the market, perfect for significant distance work.


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8. New Freightliner Cascadia

Price Tag:Around $145,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: New Freightliner Cascadia

“Efficiency through aerodynamics”. Next to the Volvo VNL 80, which also belongs to this list of 10 most expensive trucks, the New Freightliner Cascadia is one of the leading trucks in the market of Canada, USA, and Mexico. What makes it one of the most expensive trucks but also one of the most preferred by the public is its new design that features up to an 8% improvement in fuel economy compared to previous models; in fact, this truck was subjected to many wind tunnels testing to be a high fuel-saving truck. Therefore, it has a lot of power and low resistance to air; the interior fits all sizes and also has a large cabin.

Another feature that makes the New Cascadia an expensive truck is that its chest is specially designed to open in 90 degrees and have easy access to the engine, which can have from 305 up to 600 hp.


7. Volvo VNL 780

Price Tag: Around $150,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Volvo VNL 780


“It’s a home away from home.” The following truck in these best 10 most expensive trucks is the Volvo VNL 780. As referenced over, it’s one of the most regular trucks in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Additionally, it’s most loved for its efficiency, as its structure is intended for it.

The Volvo VNL 780 additionally has a few sorts of motor: 405, 500, and 600 hp. However, most importantly, what truly makes it one of the most expensive trucks is its inside. As its trademark demonstrates, its lodge is what could be compared to a room, office and lounge area that truly cause you to feel at home away from home; the seats are changed over into beds and have an enormous capacity limit.


6. International Lonestar

Price Tag: Around $155,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: International Lonestar


The following truck is the International Lonestar, one of the most expensive trucks structured in the United States. This truck is well known for its huge grille suggestive of Cadillac trucks; its lodge is planned with preferable materials over past models, and with increasingly agreeable space. In the same way as other different trucks previously referenced, its structure was thought to spare fuel and to cool the engine even in its most extreme rendition of 600 hp.


5. Scania R730 V8

Price Tag:Around $160,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Scania R730 V8

Next in these best 10 most expensive trucks is the Scania R730 V8. This was likewise the most impressive truck on the planet with its 730 hp motor until the Volvo FH16, referenced above, won with its 750 hp motor. Scania is of Swedish source, and regardless of being one of the most expensive trucks structured in Europe, it’s additionally one of the models favored by the general population because of its plan and roomy inside. It’s additionally needed by having an 8-chamber motor and advancements that encourage crafted by stacking, notwithstanding great eco-friendliness.


4. Mack Titan

Price Tag: Around $160,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Mack Titan

As its name proposes, the Mack Titan is a hard core truck delivered by Mack Trucks, and furthermore one of the most remarkable trucks in America. It’s set up for the heaviest weights; moreover, it forces regard and any place it shocks individuals. This truck is helpful for mining, to stack overwhelming apparatus, logs, among others. Its motor is accessible in models of 515, 565 and 605 hp, and its long chest is intended to have better ventilation; additionally, the calfskin inside is intended for most extreme driver comfort. These attributes are what make it one of the most expensive trucks in America and the world.

3. Volvo FH16

Price Tag:Around $170,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Volvo FH16

Next in this rundown of 10 most expensive trucks is the Volvo FH16. This is an improvement of the Volvo FH16 Classic, referenced above; alongside his sibling, they have the most remarkable motors with 750 hp, turning out to be perhaps the most expensive trucks yet in addition the best in the business sectors because of their amazing motors and cutting edge innovation. The cost of the Volvo FH16 is justified, despite all the trouble.

2. Kenworth W900: The most expensive trucks designed in the USA

Price Tag:Around $180,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks: Kenworth W900

“Traditional styling, kenworth craftsmanship”. The Kenworth W900 is a truck known for its long-nose style. It’s a legend with regards to difficult work and American trucks; it was exceptionally effective when it went at a bargain and has been created for a considerable length of time, accordingly holding an exemplary plan, and it’s imaginable the longest-lived vehicle throughout the entire existence of the mechanical vehicle. Its ground-breaking 635 hp motor and force box make it a solid truck for long excursions and substantial burdens. Its inside is roomy and agreeable; in addition, it has two lofts and a few compartments to include fridges, TVs, in addition to other things that make it extraordinarily agreeable, and in this way, one of the most expensive trucks in America and the world.


 1. Mercedes-Benz Actros: The most expensive trucks designed in Europe

Price Tag:Around $190,000 

Bilderesultat for Mercedes-Benz Actros

“The new element of solace”. At last, the main situation in these best 10 of most expensive trucks, is the Mercedes-Benz Actros. Since it was discharged, the Actros has charmed people in general, as it has probably the best plan both outside and inside with its particular long-distance transport style. It likewise has a superb motor in its most significant level of 625 hp, and its inside is much more extravagant than a lodging, with top quality materials and present-day innovation. The driver fits impeccably, and it’s one of the principal vehicles available with motors that meet the prerequisites of Euro VI as standard, giving a utilization preferred position of up to 5 percent over past models; so it has become the most eco-friendly truck, just as the least dirtying.

Furthermore, it has won the title of the most appealing truck for its inconceivable streamlined structure, being the best truck of the year two sequential occasions, and one of the most loved tracks in Europe. Along these lines, despite the fact that this is one of the most expensive trucks available, its cost is justified, despite all the trouble.

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