Natasha Henstridge Net Worth, Age And Life Biography

Natasha Henstridge Net Worth, cars, Age And Life Biography

Net Worth:$14.5 Million
Born:August 15, 1974
Country of Origin:Canada
Source of Wealth:Professional Actress
Last Updated:2020



As of 2020, Natasha Henstridge’s net worth is estimated to be $14.5 Million dollars.

Early Life

Natasha Henstridge was conceived on the fifteenth of August, 1974, in Springdale, Newfoundland. Henstridge is the little girl of Helen Henstridge, a homemaker, and Brian Henstridge, a development supervisor, and entrepreneur.

At age 14, Henstridge entered the Casablanca Modeling Agency’s Look of the Year challenge and was picked first next in line. The next year, she went to Paris to seek after her displaying desire. At age 15, she was highlighted on her first magazine spread, the French version of Cosmopolitan.


Henstridge started her vocation as a model when she was as yet a young person. Inevitably she forayed into an acting vocation in 1995 by showing up as Sil in the flick ‘Species’. She by then indicated upin the movies ‘Adrenalin: Fear the Rush’ and ‘Most extreme Risk’.

By then in 2000, she played Hypsipyle in the TV miniseries ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. That year, she showed up in the movies ‘The Whole Nine Yards’, ‘A Better Way to Die’, ‘Bob’ and ‘Second Skin’.

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Following a year, she was thrown in the repetitive job of Jayne Murray in the arrangement ‘President’. After this, she assumed the lead job of Taylor Weathersby in the dramatization arrangement ‘Eli Stone’. Henstridge then did the TV miniseries ‘Effect’, the show ‘Time Jumper’ and the flick ‘Anytown’ in 2009.

In 2011 and 2012, the entertainer played Dawn Chamberlain in the show ‘The Secret Circle’. She at that point acted in the TV movies ‘A Christmas Song’, ‘Cold Spring’ and ‘A Sister’s Nightmare’.

Starting at 2020, Natasha Henstridge’s all out resources is $14.5 Million dollars.


Here are some of the best highlights of Natasha Henstridge’s career:

  • Species (Movie, 1995)
  • The Whole Ten Yards (Movie, 2004)
  • The Black Room (Movie, 2016)


Favorite Quotes from Natasha Henstridge

I started as a model, however that didn’t really hold my enthusiasm for a really long time! I trust I stood apart from the procession of models attempting to make it in Hollywood, which helped dispatch my vocation past the single night rendezvous ghastliness movie.” – Natasha Henstridge

“All things considered, I have several ventures in the pipeline, yet I’m taking things delayed for the present and being picky about the jobs I take up. One thing I can guarantee you of is that you are going to see a great deal of me!” – Natasha Henstridge

“I was a boyish girl directly from the time I was a child and wanted to be that way. I’d loathe all the girlie things. All things considered, my closest companions as a child have been young men. I coexist best with the other gender. I surmise that is the situation with the vast majority though!” – Natasha Henstridge

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“My primary point has consistently been to do acceptable quality movies with jobs that have some substance. With Power and Beauty, there were heaps of things that I preferred about the movie, which caused me to decide on it.” – Natasha Henstridge

“I surmise Species was a movie made for me and thus I packed away the job. Truth be told, in any event, when acting, I never figured the result would be so acceptable which I think it was! The whole job was a test. I was to be this peculiar yet attractive thing which was challenging!” – Natasha Henstridge


3 Life Lessons from Natasha Henstridge

Now have you known all about Natasha Henstridge’s net worth, and also how she achieved success; lets take deep look at some of the lessons you can also learn from her:


1. Let Go Of The Past

If you want to fly in the sky, you must leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you have to let go of the past which drags you down.


2. Choose Right

It seems so difficult to make the right choice, but if you fear to choose wrongly.


3. It’s Not That Serious

The struggles you endure today will be the ‘good old days’ you will laugh about tomorrow.



Natasha Henstridge first got into limelight with her role of human-alien hybrid Sil in the flick ‘Species’ and of human-alien hybrid Eve in ‘Species II’ and ‘Species III’.

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The other recognized big-screen jobs are as follows ‘The Whole Nine Yards’, ‘It Had to Be You’, ‘The Whole Ten Yards’, ‘Ghosts of Mars’, ‘Maximum Risk’, ‘A Better Way to Die’, ‘Second Skin’, ‘Steal’, ‘Deception’ and ‘Let the Game Begin’.

As of April 2020, Natasha Henstridge’s net worth is estimated of $14.5 Million dollars.

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