Top 10 Richest Bodybuilders in the World 2019

Sometimes I don’t assume bodybuilders get all the credit they merit. Actors, singers, and most athletes get paid loads of cash. You’d expect the very best paid people in these classes to be value between $100 million to $1 billion.

When it involves bodybuilders, it’s never an equivalent. We’ve highlighted the twenty richest bodybuilders, and the way abundant they’re presently value.

Can you guess WHO can seem on this list of the richest bodybuilders, before you continue reading?


Top ten Richest Bodybuilders within the World

The net value figures mentioned below are compiled from varied sources round the net. These area unit the ten richest bodybuilders within the world, as of 2019:

10. Jeff Seid

Richest Bodybuilders - Jeff Seid

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Jeff Seid is AN yank skilled IFBB someone, and he’s the youngest someone on this list. Jeff started figuring out once he was of a really young age, and his young transformation video has been viewed on YouTube by millions.

Although he’s still solely twenty three years recent, Jeff Seid’s internet value is $1.5 million, that makes him one in every of the richest bodybuilders worldwide.

9 Kai Greene

Richest Bodybuilders - Kai Greene

Net Worth: $1.6 Million

Kai author is AN yank IFBB skilled someone, and presumably a reputation that even non-bodybuilding fans can apprehend. He’s a former man. Olympia contestant and has won the Arnold Classic on many occasions.

Currently, Kai Greene’s internet value is calculable to be $1.6 million, golf stroke him nineteenth on this list of the highest twenty richest bodybuilders.

8. Steve Cook

Richest Bodybuilders - Steve Cook

Net Worth: $1.9 Million

Net Worth: $1.9 Million

Steve Cook is AN yank IFBB skilled physique contestant. He’s won varied IFBB and bureau competitions within the past seven years.

Today, Steve Cook’s internet value is calculable to be $1.9 million, creating him one in every of the richest bodybuilders worldwide.

7. Mike Chang

Richest Bodybuilders - Mike Chang

Net Worth: $2 Million

Mike Yangtze is that the founding father of Six Pack Shortcuts. the foremost probably place you stumbled upon him is on YouTube, wherever he incorporates a terribly massive channel, and often releases new exercise videos.

He has received loads of negativity within the past for his videos, however all you have got to try and do is take one examine his body, and one examine his checking account to ignore the bulk of that.

Mike Chang’s internet value is calculable to be $2 million.

6. Lazar Angelov

Richest Bodybuilders - Lazar Angelov

Net Worth: $2 Million

Lazar Angelov may be a Bulgarian someone, fitness contestant and private trainer. He’s a social media beast, can a lot of followers across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Lazar Angelov’s internet value is $2 million.

5. Calum Von Moger

Richest Bodybuilders - Calum Von Moger

Net Worth: $2 Million

Calum Von Moger is AN Australian someone, YouTuber, and actor. He was recently solid to play the a part of Arnold Schwarzenegger within the show BIGGER; that is that the story behind the founders of the man. Olympia contest.

I’m positive Calum Von Moger’s internet value can increase chop-chop inside future few years; butright away it’s calculable to be $2 million.

4. Christian Guzman

Richest Bodybuilders - Christian Guzman

Net Worth: $2 Million

Christian Guzman is AN yank amateur someone, YouTuber and fitness businessperson. He’s the founding father of Alphalete Athletics, UP energy drinks, and owner of the Alphalete gymnasium in Lone-Star State.

Although Guzman doesn’t vie at an equivalent levels because the likes of Kai author, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and then on; he’s still a fortunate someone.

Christian Guzman’s internet value is $2 million.


3. Mike Rashid

Richest Bodybuilders - Mike Rashid

Net Worth: $2.1 Million

Mike Rashid is AN yank someone, businessperson, boxer and YouTuber. Rashid owns Iron Addicts gymnasium in Miami and is additionally the business executive of IMSOALPHA.

His YouTube channel is extraordinarily well-liked and receives a lot of views. Currently, electro-acoustic transducer Rashid’s internet value is calculable to be $2.1 million.

2. Mike O’Hearn

Richest Bodybuilders - Mike O Hearn

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Mike O’Hearn is AN yank someone, actor, personal trainer and model. He’s additionally the founding father of Power muscle building, a strength, and hypertrophy educational program.

At the time of scripting this, O’Hearn is one in every of the richest bodybuilders within the world, with a net value of $2.5 million\

1. Hodge Twins

Richest Bodybuilders - Hodge Twins

Net Worth: $3.7 Million

The Hodge Twins created their name as comedians, recording a number of the funniest discussions on muscle building.

They receive emails frequently containing questions on workouts, nutrition, supplements, qualitative analysis and son on. that they then record videos on, responsive those queries.

If you haven’t detected concerning the Hodge Twins nonethelessyou must most likely go and inspect their YouTube channel.

As of scripting this, the Hodge Twins’ internet value is calculable to be $3.7 million.


Here’s a quick recap on the top 10 richest bodybuilders in the World 2019:

  1. Hodge Twins
  2. Mike O’Hearn
  3. Mike Rashid
  4. Christian Guzman
  5. Calum Von Moger
  6. Lazar Angelov
  7. Mike Chang
  8. Steve Cook
  9. Kai Greene
  10. Jeff Seid

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