Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Venice

The Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Venice

Venice’s cafés and bars (the terms are interchangeable) fall into various categories, but all share common traits. More often than not, the coffee there is a pick-me-up: a shot of caffeine downed at the bar counter itself. In fact, many of Venice’s finest cafés don’t have tables at all. When you do sit down, expect to pay extra, on a sliding scale, lower on the backstreets to stellar venues with prices to match. Wherever you are, scan the menu for Venice’s specialty coffee—the macchiato. It’s a half-way house between an espresso macchiato and a cappuccino. Or you can skip the coffee altogether. Venetian all-day cafés serve up spritzes and ombre (small glasses of wine) until 8 pm—staying open just late enough to serve homeward-bound local workers.


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