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Top 10 Best Football Dribblers in The World 2020

World’s Top 10 Best Football Dribblers 2020

  • Some players dribble as if the ball is an extension of their legs – and here are 10 of the world’s best.

One of the best things for a football fan to witness is a player moving past opponents like they never existed. Like ghosts, the spirit around their opponents, who are only left chasing the wind from their trail.

Dribbling is an art form that not many are artists of. The ability to make the ball feel and look like a part of you is something that only a very few players in the world possess right now—and here are 10 of them.


10 Isco

While he may not be having perhaps the best season at Real Madrid, what can’t be detracted from him is his spilling capacity. In any event, when he’s playing his most exceedingly awful game, he some way or another consistently figures out how to skirt past adversaries in the silkiest of ways that could be available.

In fact, in the last two seasons, he has made at any rate two fruitful spills for every game in all rivalries. Now and again a player can finish six or seven of every a game, yet to hold a normal of two in each counterpart for as far back as two years merits acknowledgment.

The thing with Isco is, he’s not a quick dribbler – he does it gradually and quietly, nearly just as he stops time at the same time. Eruptions of speeding up assist him with moving into space rapidly, permitting him to beat players inside a moment.


9 Mateo Kovacic

Leganes v Real Madrid - Spanish Copa del Rey
Another silky dribbler

Another “slow dribbler” in the sense that he doesn’t raise a fire from the heat of his boots while dribbling – Mateo Kovacic is a fine specimen and perfect example of a complete midfielder. He can dribble like a forward, tackle like a defender and importantly pass like a playmaker too.

What makes him exceptional, is his capacity to put off protectors directly on him as though they were only ants in his way. As far as to complete vertical spilling, there are truth be told, not many players who as of now show improvement over Croatia universal.

At whatever point he has a conventional run of matches added to his repertoire, he likewise has found the middle value of more than two spills for each game. Last season, he had a normal of 2.2 in 19 La Liga details – measurements are simply numbers so to truly appreciate the previous Inter man’s ball control aptitudes, you need to watch him play.


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8 Christian Pulisic

Tottenham Hotspur v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League
One of the world’s best young players with plenty of potential to fulfil

By the time he hangs up his boots, Christian Pulisic is liable to wind up as the best football player in USA history. He is the genuine rendition of what individuals expected Freddy Adu would be.

While other youthful stars like Marco Asensio and Kylian Mbappé keep on acquiring the entirety of the applauses, Pulisic merits acknowledgment of his own – there’s a contention to be made that the 19-year-old is on a comparative level to them, if not similarly in the same class as the European wonderkids.

The American young person has an astute head on his shoulders and consistently grandstands this during Borussia Dortmund matches. One of those couples of players who can spill at different paces, regardless of whether he’s quickening past a safeguard or unpretentiously while sitting tight for partners in help.

This season, he has made a normal of three spills for every Bundesliga coordinate, having included on 21 events up to this point The ease with which he does so, is quite dangerous too


7 Alexis Sanchez

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League
The dribbling machine

Now, we enter the zone where the common names shall reside in most cases. The former Arsenal man grabbed the eye of the football crew with his touchy spilling. Back during his Udinese days, he would consistently consume profound spaces in his own half before conveying the ball forward with pace and reason down the right-hand side.

This training improved his spilling to such a degree, that he became what one would portray as a “sequential dribbler”. To be sure, the way that his spilling details never plunged beneath two spills for each game during his spell in England so far is a demonstration of the previously mentioned guarantee.

In the three games he has played for Manchester United thus far, he has already made 5.7 dribbles per game, which speaks volumes.


6 Naby Keita

FC Porto v RB Leipzig - UEFA Champions League
This man can dribble out of a cesspool

Usually, the players that stay at the front of the defense aren’t the ones known for their dribbling ability.. Mateo Kovacic is one of those players, yet the person who does it best is Naby Keita. The Guinean is one of those uncommon varieties of a footballer who can do anything on the pitch.

Be it passing, handling, situating, or engaging in the last third with objectives and chances in abundance, Keita has everything. Be that as it may, what gets the look more than all else is his insightful capacity to convey the ball forward with his crazy ball control abilities. In the five Champions League bunch stage installations he played this term, he made 4.8 fruitful spills in each game.

The number may drop to 3.1 in the Bundesliga, however, it is as yet exceptional for somebody who normally plays such a profound midfield job.

Liverpool have a gem they’ll be itching to unearth this summer


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5 Wilfried Zaha

Crystal Palace v Chelsea - Premier League
A dribbling genius

If there is any player that went from being massively over-rated to somewhat under-rated in the space of a few years, it has to be Wilfried Zaha. When he burst onto the scene, he was supposedly the next best thing to come out of Africa.

A rewarding £15m move to Manchester United and the ensuing come back to Crystal Palace two years after the fact, individuals may have disregarded this man – who is finding real success in the Premier League. While his last item and consistency can regularly disappoint, one thing that has stayed steady is his choice of spilling capacities.

Since the 2013/14 battle, he has not arrived at the midpoint of anything beneath 2.8 spills per coordinate in England’s top-flight. Last season, he made 4.1 spills per game, making him a standout amongst other measurably over the association.

This term, he has netted four goals, made two assists and an aggregate of 35 goalscoring chances in 20 Premier League matches to date.


4 Ousmane Dembélé

France v Ivory Coast - International Friendly
A serial dribbler

Another player with the “serial dribbler” tag, Ousmane Dembélé burst onto the scene in Europe with his eye-catching ability to dribble the ball with both feet. The directness with which he does is similar to a rabbit speeding to its hole when chased by a predator.

In Dembélé’s case, however, he is almost often the predator. In his brief professional career, he has never had a season where he made less than three dribbles per game. A lengthy hamstring injury has recently halted his progress following a big-money move to Barcelona, but he displayed plenty of potentials to succeed after spells at Ligue 1 side Stade Rennais and Borussia Dortmund prior to last summer’s move.

As a result, it’s unfair to judge his performances this season based on statistics just yet – as he’s only made five league appearances to date. If past matches are anything to go by though, there’s no doubting his ability as one of the world’s best dribblers.


3 Eden Hazard

Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
Premier League’s best

Eden Hazard is the Premier League’s best dribbler. In fact, a case could be made about him being the best in the business when it comes to taking on players with the ball at his feet. However, in this list, he finds himself at number three.

The talented Belgian forward made a name for himself at Lille, with his insane ability to skip past opposition challenges. While it cannot be denied that he always had the capability to create magical moments, his dribbling automatically caught the eye of viewers initially.


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To be sure, notwithstanding his first season at Stamford Bridge, he has never had a season where he made under three spills for each game all things considered. This season alone, he has finished five spills for each Premier League coordinate – and keeps on adding more objectives and helps to his game, having been scrutinized for an absence of consistency during Leicester’s title-winning effort in 2015/16.


2 Neymar

Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg
Neymar often makes a fool of his opponents

Just like Eden Hazard, Neymar’s capacity to make a nitwit of protectors challenging him is the thing that captivated the fans in Brazil. Indeed, even now, while playing in an alliance beneath the gauge which he has, he savors demonstrating everybody his ball-control aptitudes all the time.

His dribbling stats are off the charts. Ever since he stepped foot on European soil, his dribbles per game ratio have not gone below three on average. From the 2015-16 season onwards, his numbers have not dipped below 4.2 dribbles-per-game.

This season, he is averaging an astounding 7.3 spills for each game for Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar’s capacity to consistently weave past adversaries is just a delight to watch.


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1 Lionel Messi

Eibar v Barcelona - La Liga
The greatest of all-time?

If dribbling was considered exclusively, then Neymar would be on top of the list. In fact, even Eden Hazard would be above Lionel Messi, with the Argentine at number three. But the basis of this list is efficient dribbling – not just showboating or dribbling sideways – which is where Messi excels.

In the event that the 30-year-old needed to, he could undoubtedly make more than at any rate five spills for every game on normal with no issues at all. To be sure this season, he has demonstrated quite recently that with 5.3 spills per game in La Liga alone.

Concerning his senior vocation, he is yet to have a season where he arrived at the midpoint of under three for every game. The vast majority of Messi’s spills are vertical runs forward, which wind up creating a decent open door for his colleagues to change over. This season, he’s driving the goalscoring graphs in Spain with 20 yet maybe more critically, likewise drives the group in helps with an eyewatering 11 as of now.

Inclining toward not to showboat like Neymar, nor take-on safeguards sideways like Hazard does, he just weaves past them in the most productive manner and leaves them pursuing shadows.

The productivity of his spilling make him the best dribbler on the planet right now


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