Top 10 Best Stunt Scooter Brands in The World

Top 10 Best Stunt Scooter Brands in The World

1. MGP

1. Sacrifice 2. Addict 3. Phoenix 4. Blunt 5. Flavor 6. District 7. Map 8. Crisp 9. Grit 10. Razor

Mgp vx2 team edition should be at the top of map list and the map is the best I get all map stuff n it never breaks

Very durable and light. The deck bars and wheels are unbreakable. And the wheels are unstoppable!

Love the MGP have one myself really strong and has fast use of bearings and wheels Are strong and would recommend it if you are starting out or if you have just started.

2. Pheonix

Phoenix is way better than mgp they are for riders who are either just starting scootering or do loads of techy kind of stuff but phoenix is a brand made for advanced riders and also have one of the strongest decks because they are meant for more advanced riders also they have some of the best riders and a range of riders like Jon Reyes is just too good at the street and flat but he is also good at verts and parks, dan barret is good at most things but he’s just so clean, lewis Williams is also one of the people who go big or go home he just pushes and pushes himself and Tyler Bonner he just chills and good at street and park so phoenix has a quite small team but the team is made up of a very diverse group and not all just good at one thing like mgp they all just ride parks and that’s it but one rider who I have always loved has top be Ryan Williams he should join phoenix so that’s my opinion.

Phoenix is the best band ever… Come one like 2mgps is equal to a phoenix” that’s the most stupid comment ever when phoenix is like 300 quid difference in the price range and also are the most favored with strong and light decks nothing compare apart from the apex

Phoenix is the best trust me mgp is heavy but lucky is pretty good but I recommend a razor ultra pro for beginners and a phoenix for an advanced rider

Phoenix is a lot better than mgp because they are lighter and stronger but they do have a higher price. I recommend Phoenix for a more advanced scooter rider.

3. Grit

I just bought the new grit elite 2013 it’s us so amazing, it’s light durable and looks sexy as I would highly suggest this brand to anyone involved in scooting they make great beginner and advanced scooters.

Grits are quality strong deck cool grit tape light one of the best scooters especially the grit elite 2 they are 129.95 so worth it

I have one and it’s as light as a feather and as strong as a tank overall it’s unbelievable they don’t have a very big price tag either well my one was brilliant anyway anyone that doesn’t know what to get, get grit and start ripping because I learned to 180 the day I got it

Grits are awesome I have a grit invader hic it’s dope. The headset is great the wheels are so soft so it feels good when you land. Also, they are a great price for the best scooter in all pro scooters!.. RATE=9.5

4. District

I have a district and they are really light to be on and are good for whipping I would recommend this to any top class scooters like myself as they are beast to ride on

The district are really good. I have some district bars and I love them.

The district is the but scooter brand ever. But some parts that they make don’t do well. Also, the mgp that broke on me in 3 weeks. I have one of ever scooter from each maker and I say the district is the best of all time. Duces!

The district is just amazing! Love the bars, decks, grips and the new lightweight triple collar clamp is sick!

5. Lucky Scooters

Brilliant scooters and love the wheels

The coolest styles ever! Their scooters are amazingly made right out of the box and definitely come in the best colors! Plus they’re pretty cheap!

Best scooter brand ever, really strong and light with really cool colors and the designs are awesome also not that much they’re cheap

I love lucky scooters they will never break and there so fast they are the coolest scooter ever you could pick up chicks with it and they’re cheap,

6. Sacrifice

Sacrifice scooters are so awesome! They look cool, are light, have great grips, graffiti on the bars and deck, are easy to tail whip, brief lip, well recommended, and yeah. They are nice and smooth with good bearings and have a good range to customize it.

I just got a SACRIFICE scooter yesterday and I love it it’s easy to tail whip and they look really cool. I would recommend a SACRIFICE for being a first stunt scooter. It’s awesome 2 thumbs up!

There is no way to say which is the best because they all specialize in certain parts but id has to say sacrifice for all-round full scooter its just awesome. I have a custom stunt scooter trust me custom scooters are BETTER because you can put all the best parts in and I think phoenix is awful!

Sacrifice scooters are the best scooter I’ve seen and been on! They have a heavy deck which means when going down ramps the scooter doesn’t leave the floor. The grips are very soft, if you get a Sacrifice I recommend you get you don’t get batwing bars!.

7. Crisp

I have a crisp it’s great their so smooth when you are on the surface the quality is great BEST SCOOTER EVER ( so is their color I have purple and black happiest kid in the world )

They are put together for the rider, not like some that use cheaper quality stuff and hide the fact by putting good graphics and color schemes to make you think you are getting a better deck

Got a crisp custom and it’s the best scooter ever. Every little detail is perfect and the colors are great.

Crisp is the best for stunting, they’re light and very easy to control. I have a crisp and it’s way better than my old one, a Grit, I defiantly recommend a Crisp for riders that want an excellent scooter!

8. Blunt


Blunts have strong decks and are my choice in scooters. Better than MGPS equal with Pheonix

Best brand in the world! If you are looking for good scoter products make sure you buy Blunt. They not only sell the best, but they also have the best team of Pro Riders who help in the development of their products.

Good clamps decks and bars. Have no problem with the welding and it has not snapped. The grips are so grippy and awesome. I have the blunt complete scooter, and it is the best scooter I ever had. I would definitely recommend this scooter and scooter brand to someone!

Bent mgp forks snapped sacrifice deck bent grit and district bars, had two blunts, and my first one still working after having it two years.

9. Slamm

Slamm scooters have one of the coolest decks and painting and are good to ride for a reason

They have really strong decks

Slam is the best because they have strong decks, they look really cool, they are very light and they are a decent price.

Slamm scooters are good quality at a reasonable price. They have a good range to choose from depending on your budget.

10. Apex


Get apex they are Australian made and the strongest range of bars and forks going I had a custom it had. apex Bol bars. urban art clamp. urban art completion. root industries Roice King wheels. urban art trial deck. root industry grips. and the only thing that lasted on it was the apex and root industries brand and all of the snapped and bent urban art bits I replaced with apex I got apex quantum forks an apex pro deck with the apex 4 bolt clamp apex may not make wheels or grips but apex best brand I have ever ridden definitely the strongest I have landed flat over spines and boxes I have broken my ankle from the I act of landing and still no damage done to the scooter and the worlds best scooter rider is sponsored by apex his name is Dylan Morrison so clean with his tricks and an amazing scooter rider 100 apexes all the way

Apex has been making the best scooters for ages and they haven’t stopped, If you want a genuine professional quality scooter to get an Apex

Apex is the best scooter I have had with strong bars a light deck I would recommend it any time

They’re strong. Good for kids who wanna be really good. Light. Nice. Smooth. Good for going fast.

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