Top 10 Fastest Land Animals In the World

Top 10 Fastest Land Animals In the World

Humans can be quite fast, but we’re nothing compared to the speed some animals can reach. The following ranking shows you which land species (which excludes birds) are the fastest on our planet sorted by the maximum speed they’re able to reach.

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The 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World:


Top 10 Fastest Animals Ranking based on the measured maximum speeds of land animals (excluding fish, water animals, and birds)

1. Cheetah

Cheetah on Top of Brown Tree Branch

Maximum speed: Up to 114 km/h or 71 mph
Natural habitat: Africa, Western Asia, Southern Asia

With a maximum speed of 114 km/h or 71 mph, the cheetah is by far the fastest known land animal on Earth. Cheetahs are large cats that naturally live in Africa and some parts of Western and Southern Asia (although their presence there is endangered these days). Their maximum speed can match that of an average car driving on the highway….



2. Pronghorn

Pronghorn, Buck, Wild, Nature, Wildlife, Animal

Maximum speed: Up to 89 km/h or 55 mph
Natural habitat: North America (USA & Canada)

Pronghorns may not look like it, but they are indeed the second fastest land animals in the world with a maximum speed of 89 km/h or 55 mph. Pronghorns are native to North America and can naturally be found in the Midwest and Southwest of the USA as well as in the central parts of Canada.



3. Springbok

Springbok, Male, Antelope, Wildlife, Africa, Nature

Maximum speed: Up to 88 km/h or 55mph
Natural habitat: Southwestern Africa

Closely following the Pronghorn comes the springbok, with a maximum speed of around 88 km/h or 55mph. The Springbok is an antelope native to Southwestern Africa. Springboks have to be fast considering the many predator threats they’re facing in their natural habitat.


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4. Wildebeest

Wildlife, Wildebeest, Namibia

Maximum speed: Up to 81 km/h or 50 mph
Natural habitat: Southern Africa

With the Wildebeest, yet another antelope belongs to the fastest animals in the world. The big and robust appearance may not make it apparent at first glance, but the Wildebeest does indeed reach maximum speeds up to 81 km/h or 50 mph. The Wildebeest is native to several regions in the Southern half of Africa.



5. Lion

Lion, Pride, Predator, Mane, Big Cat

Maximum speed: Up to 81 km/h or 50 mph
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa, Western India

Oftentimes referred to as the “king of the animal kingdom”, the lion also belongs to the fastest animals in the world. With a maximum speed of around 81 km/h or 50 mph, lions are practically as fast as wildebeests. Lions are cats and native to most parts of sub-Saharan Africa and a small area in Western India.



6. (tied) Blackbuck & Hare & Jaguar

Maximum speeds: Up to 80 km/h or 50 mph each
Natural Habitats:
Blackbuck: South Asia
Hare: Asia, Europe, North America
Jaguar: South America, Central America, small parts of North America


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7. Greyhound


Maximum speed: Up to 74 km/h or 46 mph
Natural habitat: Europe



8. African Wild Dog

Image result for african wild dog

Maximum speed: Up to 72 km/h or 45 mph
Natural habitat: Africa



9. Kangaroo

Image result for kangaroo

Maximum speed: Up to 71 km/h or 44 mph
Natural habitat: Australia


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10. Horse

Image result for horse

Maximum speed: Up to 70 km/h or 44 mph.
Natural habitat: All continents except Antarctica



Here is a quick summary of The 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World:

114 km/h or 71 mph
89 km/h or 55 mph
88 km/h or 55 mph
82 km/h or 51 mph
81 km/h or 50 mph
80 km/h or 50 mph each
74 km/h or 46 mph
72 km/h or 45 mph
71 km/h or 44 mph
70 km/h or 44 mph

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