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Top 10 Richest Comedians In African and Net-Worth

The Top 10 Richest Comedians in Africa – The Most Popular Crack Your Ribs Comedians

As of late, stand up satire as a part of diversion has increased a lot of ubiquity and support in Africa. Much the same as artists, comedians are turning out to be superstars in Africa and the past. They are too starting to gain a lot of distinction, acknowledgment, and riches. It will never again solid bizarre if a youngster says the person needs to turn into a comedian in the future. Seeing that parody presently pays, a ton of youngsters in Africa have taken to satire as a profession. African comedians are among the best in the world. They are as good as can be expected, and can without much of a stretch turn a blue day to a cheerful one with their clever and rib splitting jokes. We have thought of a rundown of the Most Popular African Comedians — The Best 10. Enjoy


10. BOVI – Nigerian


Bovi is a Nigerian comedian many individuals love so well. He started his profession in April 2007, featuring in the sitcom Extend Family, which he delivered, composed, and bundled. The show was exceptionally mainstream, and by 2008, Bovi was driving parody shows and occasions all through Nigeria. He took an interest in Nite of 1000 Laughs sorted out by Opa Williams. He has continuously earned himself acclaim and acknowledgment through individual accomplishments and furthermore by appending himself to exceptionally mainstream comedians in front of an audience. He is constantly spotted with the mainstream Nigerian comedian, Bright Okpocha.

His complete name is Bovi Ugboma, and he was conceived on September 25, 1979. He isn’t just a comedian, yet additionally an executive, maker, on-screen character, and essayist. Bovi is from Delta State and is an alum of Theater Arts from Delta State University. Bovi is right now probably the most interesting comedian on the ground in Africa now. He is firmly connected with the wave-production Akpos jokes, being the main individual to be called that name by a kindred comedian, AY.



9. EDDIE KADI” Congolese

EDDIE KADI Net Worth 2020

Eddie Kadi is a Congo-conceived (Kinshasa to be exact), British-reared comedian who has consistently charmed everybody with his interesting African-injected brand of parody and amusingness, in any event, selling-out striking occasion scenes in the multicultural UK. It is fundamentally his speedy mind and unusualness that makes him a characteristic performer. Eddie Kadi won the BECA Award for Best Comedy Newcomer not long after he began his profession as a comedian. The last time Eddie featured his own show was at The 02 field, as the principal Black British comedian to do as such. He is likewise an entertainer and an artist.



8. JOHN VLISMAS ” South African

JOHN VLISMAS Net Worth 2020

John Vlismas is a famous yet disputable comedian who is constantly viewed as being hostile. He is one of those comedians who hold the view that satire isn’t about the comic. He is set to tell the general public reality, regardless of how hostile it might be. That in any case, Vlismas knows his method for making his crowd roar with laughter with his supposed offensive jokes.

Vlismas won the 2007 South African Comedy Award for best stand-up comedian of the year and was a finalist in the 2008 Yuk Yuk Great Canadian Laugh Off. In 2010, Vlismas was in the satire film Outrageous with individual South African comedians, Barry Hilton, Joey Rasdien, Loyiso Gola, Mark Banks, Riaad Moosa, and Krijay Govender” the main female in the cast. In April 2014, he was a piece of the dais at Comedy Central Africa Roast of Kenny Kunene.





Michael Blackson is a Ghanaian who is notable for his dry jokes which are in every case adequate to make his crowd-pulling in chuckling. He is really the most seasoned of the considerable number of comedians right now: was conceived in November 1972. He is famously known as the African King of Comedy. He got his motivation from the satire of Eddie Murphy.

He has acted in some notable parody rivalries, for example, the USA Comedy Central Tour in Philadelphia, the Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and the Urban Comedy Festival in New York City. Blackson, in the same way, competed in the Laffapolooza Comedy Festival in Atlanta and the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in Oakland, California.



6. NIK RABINOWITZ” South African


Nik Rabinowitz is a South African comedian and creator, who has shown up on a few parody appears, including the British board show Mock the Week. Nik learned at the University of Cape Town where he packed away a business degree. He has gotten a much looked for after national comedian and an easily recognized name past Cape Town, and as per input from his crowd, Rabinowitz is getting more entertaining continuously and may before long climb the rundown of most mainstream African comedians in no removed time. He right now exhibits The Week that Wasn’t.

Nik, who alludes to himself as the world driving Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian, has been a staple on the neighborhood parody scene for quite a long time, he has various shows added to his repertoire. Also, he has showed up in privately made film creations like Fellow funnyman (and specialist) Riaad Moosa Material. He’s additionally co-created a book, The Youngsters, and in 2014, proceeded as an opening demonstration at the Toronto South African Film Festival.



5. RIAAD MOOSA – South African

RIAAD MOOSA Net Worth 2020

Riaad Moosa is an interesting South African comedian and entertainer who is acceptable at verbal jokes as well as that of moves and different types of clever motions. He is prevalently known for drawing his jokes from his Indian legacy and Muslim confidence. He is of a blended not too bad” Indian-Malay. He is a specialist by calling yet deserted his calling for satire, utilizing chuckling rather than drugs as medications for mending individuals. His fame in parody originated from the satire club circuit of his local Cape Town, where he got known for making jokes about Islamic generalizations.

He as of late featured as Ahmed Kathrada in Anant Singh epic Oscar and Golden Globe-designated motion picture ˜Mandela” Long Walk to Freedom Moosa, one of the country’s generally famous and acclaimed funnymen with a style all his own, is known as the Comedy Doctor, and he absolutely appears to have the solution for the national ills right now: A solid portion of giggling!



4. I GO DIE – Nigerian

I Go Die Net Worth 2020

Francis Agoda is his name. The comedian is prominently known as I Go Dye, (which essentially seems like his surname) is from Delta State, Nigeria. One of his most well known parody shows is the one titled, ” I Go Dye Standing”. Agoda began his satire vocation as right on time as the age of 13 in his state. He is one of the most gifted rib wafers Nigeria and Africa is honored with. He is extremely quick mouthed and can concoct comical stories, sufficiently interesting to make his crowd tumble off their seats in chuckling just inside seconds.

I Go Dye has been highlighted in MTV Africa Music Awards and furthermore in the opening and shutting shows of the world’s eminent artists including Akon, Boyz II Men, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, The Game, Kelly Rowland and others. He has won Creative Award in Africa (CAN), African Best Comedian, TV People Golden Award (New York), Best Creative Comedian In Africa, the NIDOE-SPAIN Award for his commitment to inspiring Nigerian social and imaginative qualities, the Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD), National Comedy Award (NCA), Best Comedian In Nigeria, Best Niger-Delta Comedian, and a lot more honors.



3. LOYISO GOLA – South African


Loyiso Gola is one of South Africa’s preeminent comedian, after Trevor Noah. He is the co-maker and stays off the late-night humorous news TV arrangement Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola on and eNCA which was propelled in 2010. He was conceived on sixteenth May 1983 and began his profession as a comedian in the year 2002. He is known for giving ironical jokes which however clever, for the most part, have fundamental genuine implications.

In 2012, he was named one of Mail and Guardian‍’s 200 Young South Africans in the Media and Film class. Men’s Health depicts Gola as having “divisive mass appeal” because of the transparently basic nature of his cleverness and being “a authentic scholar taking on the appearance of a simpleton and the hesitant voice of a critical generation”. His more youthful sibling Lazola Gola is likewise a comedian. He won 2014 Savanna SA Comic’s Choice Award — Comic of the Year Award.



2. Basket MOUTH – Nigerian

Basketmouth Net Worth 2020

I need not enlighten you concerning Basket Mouth on the grounds that regardless of whether you are not an admirer of jokes, you can’t help yet at the same time know and hear him any place you are. Bin Mouth, whose genuine name is Bright Okpocha is a main craftsman in the Nigerian satire industry and furthermore the second most famous comedian in Africa. He is 36 years of age and hails from Abia State, Nigeria. Brilliant is the coordinator of the earth-shattering satire appears, Basket Mouth Uncensored, which was held for four back to back years, (2005-2009) over the globe. He was the primary African comedian to have a limited satire show at the HMB Hammersmith Apollo which made immense deals; that was on 21st February 2010.

He checked out parody in his school days at the University of Benin, however you won’t accept that his first stand-up satire was a fiasco in light of the fact that the group got disturbed and booed him off the stage. Soon thereafter (1999), he returned after a progression of research on what brand of satire could sell in the University of Benin; that was the start of Basket Mouth’s origin and acknowledgment into the universe of stand-up parody. Container Mouth has since facilitated 9 unique shows in the UK including Basket Mouth Uncensored Live @ the o2, Nigerian Kings of Comedy, and The African Kings of Comedy. He additionally facilitated Comedy Central shows in South Africa, Lords of The Ribs, and some more.



1. TREVOR NOAH – South African


Trevor Noah is a popular South African comedian. He is usually referred to as ˜the funny man and is popularly known for drawing humor from the events of the South Africa Apartheid. Trevor Noah was born on 20th February 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently 31 years old. Despite the fact that Noah is regularly viewed as a South African, it is really his mom that is a local of South Africa, (Xhosa, to be exact). His dad is Swiss however lived in South Africa where he wedded and brought forth Trevor. Trevor does not put down his speeches in writing, not even a sketch of it as some other comedians do. He does everything spontaneously and this makes a lot of difference. He generates humor from whatever he feels is suitable for the situation and audience at that moment.

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