Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth (2020)

Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth

Comedy in Nigeria today has demonstrated that ability can put nourishment on one’s table, yet it can likewise raise one to the stature of significance.

In the ’90s good comic and funny individuals were viewed as push-overs, never-do-wells, jokers, and so forth. These days individuals with this ability to make others snicker are truly utilizing on their natural gifts to rake in some serious cash.

Nigerian comedians might be interesting, however not moronic as this engaging endeavor has turned a large portion of these skilled comedians in the nation incredibly rich. The shows they do, support arrangements, and agreements they sign rates them as commendable big names.

It is basic to take note of that as you are occupied with giggling and splitting your ribs, these folks are caught up with stacking their financial balances with money. A great deal of the charges more than one million naira for their exhibition in appears while some compose and gain from their private shows.

Right now, will investigate the best 10 richest Nigerian comedians and their total assets.


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Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria 2020 and Net Worth


1. Ali Baba

Net Worth N3 billion

Ali baba is a king in the art of comedy and he is the wealthiest of all comedians in the nation.

Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomere is his genuine name. He has facilitated bunches of occasions for Governors, presidents, and other top dignitaries before. He charges averagely 4 million naira to act on occasions.

Notwithstanding satire, Ali baba is likewise a persuasive orator. He possesses floods of different organizations in Lagos. Forbes gauges his total assets as N3 billion this 2020.



2. AY

Net Worth N2.5 billion

AY as of late jumped up to get probably the richest comedian in Nigeria by means of the A.Y live shows the whole way across the nation.

The arrival of his smash hit motion pictures “30 days in Atlanta and an excursion to Jamaica” has likewise added to his ongoing ascent.

AY charges about 2m for execution in shows and occasions. Aside from other support bargains he has marked and foundations he claims, his evaluated total assets are esteemed at N2.5 billion.



3. Basketmouth

Net Worth N2 billion

Splendid Okpocha, for the most part, known as crate mouth is a gifted Nigerian comedian.

Container mouth is exceptionally well known and he is one of the most clever and most a la mode comedian. He is additionally Globacom Nigeria and Amstel Malta brand envoy.

Basketmouth charges about N2 million for each show that he acts in. He is constantly a fan top pick. He excites and breaks ribs with undiluted comic lines. His total assets are evaluated at N2 billion.



4. I go Die Net

Worth N1.8 billion

I go Die” came into the spotlight through Opa William’s Night of a thousand chuckle, a stage that uncovered a significant number of the fruitful comedians in the nation.

“I go Die” isn’t just an interesting and rib breaking comedian, however, he is additionally a CEO of Revamp development organization, a land, and development organization.

His genuine name is Francis Agoda. He is a representative of the United Nations Millennium Development objective. “I go Die” charges about 1.5 – 2 million naira for appears. His total assets as indicated by Forbes is esteemed at N1.8 billion including his supports.



5. Julius Agwu

Net Worth N1.5 billion

Julius Agwu is another clever and gifted comedian in Nigeria. He is probably the most seasoned comedian in the nation. He began parody with any semblance of Alibaba, yet later lost concentration to acting motion pictures.

He has guided and prepped loads of effective comedians in the nation including Basket mouth. Julius Agwu is a book essayist. To act on your occasion, Julius Agwu charges between 1 million and 2 million.

His total assets are assessed to be 1.5 billion naira


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6. Okey Bakassi

Net Worth N800 million

Okey Bakassi is old to the Nigerian satire industry. He began satire when it was not paying off.

Okey Bakassi isn’t just a veteran comedian yet in addition an on-screen character, MC, and a TV moderator. He is likewise occupied with governmental issues and he was the senior extraordinary collaborator to the IMO state Governor on amusement.

Okey Bakassi has sorted out parts and loads of shows for top class government officials. He is among the top procuring comedians in the nation. His money-related worth is esteemed at N800 million.



7. Bovi Net

Worth N600 million

Bovi is additionally a rich comedian in the nation and presently the authoritative performer. Numerous brands are bumping to get him in their adverts.

Everything has been blushing for Bovi since the time he came into the spotlight. Bovi has raked in tons of cash from sorting out large shows and occasions.

His total assets is esteemed at N600 million including his vehicles, chateaus, and different resources.


8. Gbenga Adeyinka

Net Worth N500 million

Gbenga is perhaps the greatest name in the Nigerian parody industry. He is legitimate for arranging large shows for government officials.

He is the CEO and coordinator of ‘laffmattaz‘, a well-known show that makes loads of cash for him. Gbenga is associated with different organizations and he claims numerous benefits in enormous urban communities in the nation. Gbenga’s total assets are N500 million.


9. Gordons

Net Worth N400 million

Prominently known for his corresponds “Hallelujah!”, Gordons is one of the most gifted comedians in the nation.

He additionally came into the spotlight by means of Opa William’s Night of a thousand Laugh. His total assets is set at 400 million naira.


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10. Akpororo

Net Worth N350 million

Akpororo is cherished by numerous Nigerians for his stunning comic lines. He has scaled the stepping stool at a quick pace.

Akpororo is just perhaps the richest comedian and has acted in some prominent shows and has sorted out his also. Akpororo acts in many churches sorted out occasions, an accomplishment which is once in a while accomplished by different comedians.

Akpororo’s total assets are evaluated to be 350 million naira this 2020.




A quick summary of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria and their net worth

  1. Ali Baba Net Worth – N3 billion
  2.  AY Net Worth – N2.5 billion
  3. Basketmouth Net Worth – N2 billion
  4. I go Die Net Worth – N1.8 billion
  5. Julius Agwu Net Worth – N1.5 billion
  6. Okey Bakassi Net Worth – N800 million
  7. Bovi Net Worth – N600 million
  8. Gbenga Adeyinka Net Worth – N500 million
  9. Gordons Net Worth – N400 million
  10. Akpororo Net Worth – N350 million

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