Top 10 Warmest Cities in the World

Top 10 Warmest Cities in the World

Most people around the world live in places with seasonal weather. There is a period every year where it gets colder and a period where it is warmer. But there are also places on our planet with year-long warm weather. Temperatures there, on average, tend to never drop below 20 °C / 68 °F. But which places are the absolute warmest in the world? The following shows you the Top 10 of the warmest cities in the world. The ranking features major cities with a population of at least 100,000 and is based on the average annual temperature in said city.


The 10 Warmest Cities in the World

Based on average daily (24 hours) temperature of cities with populations of at least 100,000.
Tiebreaker: Higher average high temperature.



1. Bosaso, Somalia

Downtown Bosaso, Somalia.


Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia (Africa)
Population: 290,000
Average high temperature: 35.0 °C / 95.0 °F
Average low temperature: 25.0 °C / 77.0 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate

Bosaso is the warmest city in the world. The average daily temperature in Bosaso reaches 30 °C / 86 °F. The city is located in the autonomous region of Puntland in Northern Somalia. It is also located on Somalia’s northern shore at the Gulf of Aden and is therefore characterized by a hot desert climate. Bosaso has a population of around 290,000 and is known to be the most wealthy and also safest city in Somalia, a country plagued by an ongoing civil war and constant Islamic terrorist attacks.

2. Khartoum, Sudan / Omdurman, Sudan

View over the Nile river shore in Khartoum with Omdurman in the background.
Source: Christopher Michel / CC BY 2.0

Khartoum/Omdurman, Khartoum State, Sudan (Africa)
Population: 640,000 (Khartoum) / 2.4 million (Omdurman)
Average high temperature: 37.0 °C / 98.6 °F
Average low temperature: 22.8 °C / 73.0 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate

The capital of Sudan Khartoum and its adjacent city Omdurman are collectively the second warmest city in the world. On an average day in the year, you can expect a mean temperature of 29.9 °C / 85.8 °F. While Khartoum is the capital of Sudan, the neighboring Omdurman is the country’s most populous city with around 2.4 million people. Put together, more than 3 million people live in the metropolitan area right at the Nile river. The second warmest major city in the world is therefore located at the shores of the world’s longest river. The area is located on the Southeastern edge of the Sahara desert and is therefore also characterized by a hot desert climate.



3. Djibouti City, Djibouti

djibouti city - third of the top 10 warmest cities in the world
Djibouti City near the city beach.

Djibouti City, Djibouti Region, Djibouti (Africa)
Population: 560,000
Average high temperature: 33.9 °C / 93.0 °F
Average low temperature: 25.9 °C / 78.6 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate

The city of Djibouti is the capital of the country of Djibouti and the third warmest city in the world. Djibouti City has an average temperature of 29.9 °C / 85.8 °F and therefore the same average as Khartoum, but a lower high-temperature average (33.9 °C compared to Khartoum’s 37 °C). Djibouti City is located at the Gulf of Tadjoura on Africa’s Southeastern coastline. As the capital and largest city of Djibouti, around 560,000 people and by that, more than 70% of the small African country’s population lives in Djibouti City. The city has a hot desert climate.


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4. Niamey, Niger

niamey niger - fourth of the top 10 warmest cities in the world
The Kennedy Bridge in Niamey, which connects both sides of the city over the Niger river.
Source: Roland / CC BY-SA 2.0

Niamey, Niamey Region, Niger (Africa)
Population: 1.3 million
Average high temperature: 36.2 °C / 97.2 °F
Average low temperature: 22.4 °C / 72.3 °F
Climate zone: Semi-Arid Climate

Niamey is the next capital in this ranking of Top 10 warmest cities in the world. The capital of the country of Niger shows an average temperature of 29.3 °C / 84.7 °F. The Niger River, the 10th longest river in the world, flows through the city in Western Africa. Around 1.3 million people now live in the rapidly growing capital of Niger. The city and entire region is marked by a semi-arid climate. Niamey is therefore also the warmest major city in the world outside of a hot desert climate.



5. Garissa, Kenya

garissa kenya - fourth warmest city in the world
The main road in Garissa.

Garissa, Garissa County, Kenya (Africa)
Population: 110,000
Average high temperature: 35.8 °C / 96.5 °F
Average low temperature: 22.8 °C / 73.1 °F
Climate zone: Semi-Arid Climate

Garissa completes the Top 5 of the warmest cities in the world. The city in northeastern Kenya has an average temperature of 29.3 °C / 84.7 °F. It, therefore, shows the same average as Niamey but has a slightly lower high-temperature average (35.8 °C compared to Niamey’s 36.2 °C). The city in Kenya’s Garissa County has a population of around 110,000 which almost entirely comprises ethnic Somalis. Unfortunately, the city lies within one of the most dangerous areas in the world which are plagued by constant Islamist terrorist attacks like the 2015 Garissa University College attack which resulted in the deaths of 148 people. The city and region are characterized by a semi-arid climate.



6. Bangkok, Thailand

Look at Downtown Bangkok

Bangkok, Central Thailand, Thailand (Asia)
Population: 8.3 million
Average high temperature: 33.3 °C / 91.9 °F
Average low temperature: 24.9 °C / 76.8 °F
Climate zone: Tropical Savanna Climate


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7. Aden, Yemen

File:Aden, Yemen Port.jpg
Port of Aden, Yemen
Credit: T3n60 / CC BY 3.0

Aden, Aden Governorate, Yemen (Asia)
Population: 1.8 million
Average high temperature: 32.4 °C / 90.3 °F
Average low temperature: 25.5 °C / 77.9 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate



8. Muscat, Oman

Oman,muscat,architecture,sultan,fort - free image from
View at the harbor district of Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Muscat Governorate, Oman (Asia)
Population: 1.7 million
Average high temperature: 33.3 °C / 91.9 °F
Average low temperature: 24.3 °C / 75.7 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate



9. Port Sudan, Sudan

A teachers life in Khartoum: A week in Port Sudan
Port of Port Sudan
Credit: William Davies

Port Sudan, Red Sea State, Sudan (Africa)
Population: 500,000
Average high temperature: 33.2 °C / 91.8 °F
Average low temperature: 23.7 °C / 74.7 °F
Climate zone: Hot Desert Climate


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10. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Zentrum, Kambodscha, Penh, Phnom, Panorama
Downtown Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Asia)
Population: 2.1 million
Average high temperature: 32.9 °C / 91.2 °F
Average low temperature: 24.0 °C / 75.2 °F
Climate zone: Tropical Savanna Climate




As you can see, the Top 10 of the warmest cities in the world all lie in Africa or Asia (6 cities in Africa, 4 in Asia to be exact). More precisely, all of the Top 10 warmest cities lie within these two lines, just north of the Equator:


1. BOSASO, Somalia
Average temperature: 30 °C / 86 °F
2. KHARTOUM, Sudan
Average temperature: 29.9 °C / 85.8 °F
3. DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti
Average temperature: 29.9 °C / 85.8 °F
4. NIAMEY, Niger
Average temperature: 29.3 °C / 84.7 °F
5. GARISSA, Kenya
Average temperature: 29.3 °C / 84.7 °F
6. BANGKOK, Thailand
Average temperature: 29.1 °C / 83.5 °F
7. ADEN, Yemen
Average temperature: 29.1 °C / 84.4 °F
8. MUSCAT, Oman
Average temperature: 28.8 °C / 83.8 °F
9. PORT SUDAN, Sudan
Average temperature: 28.5 °C / 83.3 °F
10. PHNOM PENH, Cambodia
Average temperature: 28.5 °C / 83.3 °F

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