News is at the heart of what we do. We’re driven by the need to help make news serve people better, because a healthy society needs a healthy news diet.


News Now exists to facilitate this, by publishing headlines linking to breaking and curated news from a diverse range of credible, independent and public interest news sources.


On the platform, people can discover new publications, weigh up differing presentations of the facts and viewpoints, and challenge their preconceptions, all as they make up their own minds.


We believe this helps make society better, but huge challenges remain. We must urgently move towards a future where public interest news and journalism is effectively funded by — and distributed for — the people it serves.


We’re a team with a purpose beyond profit

We’re not driven by revenue targets, but by the need to make news better.

It’s a long-term mission, which is why we value long-term relationships with our team members, who come from many different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

We have a flat management structure where initiative is prized, voices are heard, and efforts are rewarded. And while News Now is an exceptionally stable business, it still offers the excitement and involvement of a start-up.