Leicester continues its impressive run at the top of the Championship

Liverpool, who lost to Arsenal at the top of the Premier League, is the week's most likely winner in the home match against Burnley.


1 Liverpool–Burnley (1)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Liverpool suffered a 1-3 defeat against Arsenal in the top-flight, and the game performance did not reach the level of prior expectations at all. Burnley new signing David Datro Fofana lifted his team to a 2-2 draw at home to Fulham with two goals, but in light of the goal posts, the point was undeserved. The difference in the basic level speaks for Liverpool and the home win is realized more often than eight times out of ten.

2 Tottenham–Brighton (1)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Tottenham last tied the score 2-2 as a guest of Everton, but were quite clearly weaker than the home team in light of the goal positions. Brighton, on the other hand, returned to winning ways after winning their home match against Crystal Palace with a clear score of 4–1. Tottenham is narrowly ahead of Brighton in terms of fundamentals and deserves the favorite position that happens a little more than once on their home field.

3 Fulham–Bournemouth (X2)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Fulham had to settle for a 2-2 draw as a guest of Burnley, even though they deserved full points in light of the goal posts. Bournemouth’s game performance did not reach the level of the favorite position in the home match against Forest and the 1-1 draw described the events of the game quite well. The visitors are basically a better quality group, but the home advantage makes Fulham a slight favorite.

4 Wolverhampton–Brentford (1)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Wolves continued their strong performances as they beat Chelsea 4-2 away from home. Brentford has been struggling with a lot of absences since the fall, and the situation has not gotten any easier due to the national team representations. Wolves have suffered in game strength past Brentford. The favorite position is barely below the 50 percent probability.

5 Luton–Sheffield U (1X)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Luton continued their wild goal-scoring run as they held Newcastle to a 4-4 draw away from home. Sheffield United, on the other hand, suffered an ugly 0-5 defeat at home against Aston Villa, and the final readings do not exaggerate the difference in level seen at all. The hosts are almost a class ahead of their guests in terms of playing strength, and thanks to the home advantage, they are early favorites to win one time out of two.

6 Nottingham–Newcastle U (X2)

PREMIER LEAGUE: Nottingham lost its performances on Sunday in the away match against Bournemouth, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Newcastle had to settle for a 4-4 draw against Luton on their home field, even though they went into the match as early favourites. The hosts will be strained this week in their Cup replay, so Newcastle, which is better in terms of quality, will go into the match as about 50 percent favourites.

7 Watford-Leicester (X2)

CHAMPIONSHIP: Watford suffered a 0-1 defeat at home against Cardiff last time out, although they did not remain the weaker side in terms of goals scored. Leicester roared over Stoke on the away field after grabbing a clear 5–0 victory and dominated the match also in terms of goal posts. League leader Leicester is undeniably a higher-quality group than the hosts, and the favorite position that happens a little more than once out of two is justified even on the away field.

8 Sunderland–Plymouth A (1)

CHAMPIONSHIP: Sunderland avoided defeat in the second leg of the match when the points were logically shared 1-1 away from Boro in terms of goal posts. Plymouth grabbed a 1-0 victory away from home against Swansea, although they did not perform miracles in the game. The visitors will be strained in the week in the FA Cup, so the better quality Sunderland will go into the match as about 65 percent favorites.

9 Southampton–Huddersfield (1)

CHAMPIONSHIP: Southampton’s strong run does not freeze. In the last round, league jumbo Rotherham was beaten 2–0 on the away field, as expected. Huddersfield got an immediate boost from their change of manager when they grabbed a 4-0 home win at the expense of Sheffield Wednesday. The level difference between the teams is significant in favor of the hosts, and the home win will be realized with a probability of slightly more than 70 percent.

10 QPR-Norwich C (X2)

CHAMPIONSHIP: QPR have picked up valuable points in recent weeks and their performances have also been decent, as recently in the 2-1 away win against Blackburn. Norwich has also improved considerably from the weakest performances of the autumn season and is once again pushing for a position close to the top six. The difference in the base level speaks for the guests to the extent that the marginal guest favorite position is justified.

11 Middlesbrough–Bristol C (1)

CHAMPIONSHIP: Boro drew 1-1 with Sunderland on Sunday, and the goal posts were also evenly split in the match. Bristol has made a good mark in the FA Cup, but has remained winless in league games since the turn of the year. The hosts are a higher-quality group by a fair bit, and the favorite position on their home field, which happens a little more than once out of two, is justified.

12 Hull–Swansea (1)

CHAMPIONSHIP: The latest 1-0 home win over Millwall lifted Hull, who strengthened in the transfer window, up to sixth instead. The last few weeks have been challenging for Swansea, but the last 0-1 defeat at home to Plymouth was not deserved. The difference in the basic level speaks for Hull, who are about 53 percent favorite at home.

13 Cardiff C–Preston (12)

CHAMPIONSHIP: Cardiff bounced back from back-to-back defeats as Watford went down 1-0 away from home despite the hosts’ control. Preston also managed to steal a win against the odds after winning the home match against Ipswich 3-2. In a match between teams with the same level of performance, the hosts earn a meager 40 percent favorite position.

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