Will Antti Tuisku succeed as a skier? Direct assessment from Kari-Pekka Kyrö

Former skiing head coach Kari-Pekka Kyrö welcomes the artist to the starting line.


The former head coach of THE FINNISH NATIONAL SKIING TEAM , Kari-Pekka Kyrö, considers Antti Tuisku’s goal to participate in the WC skiing as a good thing for the sport, although he does not want to change the WC event in the direction of fitness sports.

– It’s serious, Finland’s current broadest top endurance sports cavalcade and benchmark. I thought it was really inferior when Yle’s editor went, maybe a couple of years ago, to 50 to have an adventure and serve sausage and buns to those competitors in the middle of the race, says Kyrö, referring to the events of the 2021 Ristijärvi Skiing Championships .

– Fitness sports and competitive fitness events are separate.

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In the same breath, Kyrö welcomes Tuisku, who is starting his competitive skiing project, and who ended his career as an artist last summer, to the starting line.

– SM skiing can withstand and needs it, and probably knows how to use it. Antti would do well in increasing interest and actually appreciation between ranks 100 and 200, says Kyrö.

TUISKU said in his announcement about his plans to train 700 hours a year. What kind of amount is this for a 39-year-old active fitness enthusiast aiming to become a competitive skier?

– I think it’s a matter of taste whether it’s 500, 600 or 700 hours, depending on what you do. But if it’s about running, I’ll say it straight up, it’s too much. There is a risk of stress injury and overtraining, Kyrö answers.

If there is other imitation training in skiing, for example summer skiing and cycling or rowing and kayaking, then the training times can be much longer and the risks are lower.

Regarding the amount, however, Kyrö urges to stick to one limit.

– If you don’t train for 500 hours, then you shouldn’t go to the men’s SC skiing. If you can’t or can’t do it, or if you end up in a spiral of stress injuries, then that goal is too hard

THE FORMER pop star ran the first marathon of his life in December. The final time at the Málaga marathon was a handsome 3.15.42 for the active fitness athlete.

According to Kyrö, a result of 3,500–3,600 meters in Cooper’s test would be a good starting level for the skiing project of Tuisku, who has a background in running.

– That 3,600 in Cooper would create such a maximum endurance base, with which you can really aim to win Eetu Isometsä . It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

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The son of Jari Isometsä, the skiing star of yesteryear, finished 54th in the 20-kilometer traditional cross-country intermediate start at the Vantaa National Skiing Championship. A total of 131 skiers reached the final results.

Tuisku plans to participate in the SC competition in freestyle skiing.

HOW hard of a trick is it if Tuisku can sneak up to the middle of the leaderboard or into the top 100 with roughly the same number of participants?

It’s a little bigger sensation, Kyrö answers.

– The men’s 10 or 20 free is the toughest race. 15 skied in Tampere last year and 10 in Rovaniemi the other year, and if Antti Tuisku skis among the 100, then it will be a sensation.

Kyrö believes that 140–170 men will participate in the men’s short freestyle ski championship, depending on the location.

– If you can beat 20-30 men from the side or from the tail end or how to say it nicely, then that’s a performance worth raising your hat to. There are no fitness people there, he says.

KYRÖ considers this group of young men who ski regularly in competitions to be the elite of Finnish endurance sports.

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