How far will Germany get at the European Handball Championships?


Juri Knorr’s clear analysis: “Every game is now a final against four great teams, against whom we certainly don’t always go in as favorites.” The 23-year-old said he was ready to fight: “We have it in our own hands.”

For Lukas Mertens, the defeat also did little to change his attitude. “At the European Championships, every game is a final. Today was also a final. I’m looking forward to the main round, looking forward to 20,000 crazy fans in Cologne.”

The table before the main round

The starting position for the main round in Cologne is clear: two of the six teams in Group I will make it to the semi-finals. Hungary and France each have two points, Croatia and Austria one, Iceland and Germany zero.

“We would have loved to have the two points. But the path is still there. Now we have four good teams coming towards us. But if we beat them all, which is certainly not easy, then we have a good chance of being in the semi-finals be,” explained national coach Alfred Gíslason at the press conference after the game.

It starts on Thursday, of all things, with the game against Iceland. It’s a special duel for Gíslason, as he and the German team face the team from his home country. “I will do everything to win this game. I can guarantee that. I may be Icelandic, but I work with this team and love this team. I’m selfish. It’s the same within a family, you want to win .”

“I hope you beat them all”

After the Iceland game there will be a neighborhood duel against EM surprise Austria on Saturday , before Hungary and Croatia on Wednesday await the DHB selection.

At the same time, Germany will also look closely at what happens in the other games. Alfred Gíslason made no secret of the fact that he would be happy to receive some help from France. “I wish you good luck and hope you beat everyone in the main round,” he said to France’s national coach Guillaume Gille at the press conference.

Gilles’ answer was accompanied by a smile: “I’m confident that we will try to beat every opponent. Hopefully the Germans will do exactly the same, that would mean a lot to us too.”

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